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    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day to everyone. I know I am odd calling the holiday independence day rather than the 4th of July but it seems to just be more meaningful that way.

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    Happy Freedom Day!

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    Take THAT King George!

    I've got ribs and salmon finishing on the smoker right now.
    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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    Happy Independence Day! Have to work tomorrow, so I won't be watching any fireworks this evening unfortunately. No real plans other than doing some weeding this morning then just being lazy the rest of the day.

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    Same to you! Hope you all enjoy our little taste of freedom today.

    My kiddo is staying with her grandparents today/tonight, so my wife and I are a little EXTRA free. Might take advantage, and take a nap.
    Ryan "ElDirector"

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJQ6945 View Post
    Jagee makes Beetlejuice look like a *****!

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    My kiddo is staying with her grandparents today/tonight, so my wife and I are a little EXTRA free. Might take advantage, and take a nap.
    LOL. Spoken like a true parent.

    I got so tickled that the twitterheads were so offended over their perception that the Donald didn't kiss the queen's backside.
    If only they knew what George and Tom and the boys did!

    Since Naomi the SMR isn't finished yet I think I'll settle for getting my new to me 12 g caplock shotty out for a little fun later.

    I can hear them over at the Farmland conservation club warming up even now.
    That might be cannon fire!

    Happy 4th, all!
    Beto is one of "Those" people that you hope to one day be able to throat punch.

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    “Son, when the Marine Corps wants you to have a wife, you will be issued one.” -Chesty Puller

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    Red Skelton (for you young'uns, a comedian and artist). From 1969; interesting ending.

    Conservative words are violence; leftist violence is free speech.

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    Una salus victis nullam sperare salute.
    The only hope for the doomed, is no hope at all

    I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast;
    for I intend to go in harm's way.
    John Paul Jones

    A citizen may not be required to offer a 'good and substantial reason' why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The rights existence is all the reason he needs.
    Benson Everett Legg - Woolard v. Sheridan

    If you're a noob, develop thick skin, and read the FAQs

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