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    Carpal tunnel surgery.

    I'm facing carpal tunnel surgery in the near future. It would be on my right (dominant) hand. Anyone on here had it done? How does it affect your shooting? Any positive comments or negatives?

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    Good luck. Any time they open you up for anything is not a good day.
    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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    Wife had both hands operated on. It helped her tremendously.

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    I've had both done. Personally, no long term effects as far as shooting concerned.
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    I'm really surprised I haven't had any carpal tunnel issues (knock wood!), given that I've made my living on a keyboard since 1995.

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    Ive had it done on both hands. Had Carpal Tunnel for about 8 years, and had to sleep with wrist braces every night. The surgery was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I got instant relief. Just take your time and ice it like the doctor says.

    As far as lasting effects go... for a couple months after the surgery, I would get shooting pain up my arm if i twisted it right. Felt just like I was wiring a 110 outlet and hit a live wire. Also, for a couple weeks after surgery, my wrists were pretty sore due to the bones moving now that they werent held together by the "band". Best thing you can do for that is to have someone massage your wrists. Massaging the wrists also helps to reduce the scar tissue and prevent big knots/scars on your wrist.

    Those side effects all went away after a while. Although even 8 years later, I still have my wife sit and rub my wrists.

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    I have fought the carpel tunnel issue for 30 years. I'm sure mine is not near as bad as some. Often I find myself close to seeking medical attention and somehow I've inadvertently changed ergonomics that let me "get over" the immediate problem.

    I'm very hesitant to be cut on. My mother had numerous carpel tunnel treatments and surgeries on both hands that left her worse. That was a long time ago though, I'm sure modern procedures are better.

    IMHO, there are a LOT of medical sites and YouTube channels that give very good self-therapy and stretching/nerve flossing, gliding information.
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    I tried numerous therapies to no avail. Even had Hydrocortizone shots twice. (they make you bend your wrist backwards and stick a 6" needle in your palm all the way into your wrist) My hands would fall asleep from just holding the steering wheel in my car. I couldnt use a pen/pencil for longer than 30 seconds. Shooting was no fun since my hands went to sleep by the time I finished my first mag.

    As soon as I got the surgery, I had INSTANT relief. It took a few hours for the numbness to wear off from the surgery, but even then, I could tell a difference. I kept my wrist wrapped up with an ice pack, and took it easy for a day or two. Carpal Tunnel surgery improved my quality of life 100x.

    Get it done. You will be angry at yourself that you didnt do it sooner. I know I was.

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    Dominant hand, you say? Two words, I say Toto Washlet. About $430 on Amazon. Your wife will be glad you got one. Warning: You may have a hard time keeping the wife off it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trimman83 View Post
    Dominant hand, you say? Two words, I say Toto Washlet. About $430 on Amazon. Your wife will be glad you got one. Warning: You may have a hard time keeping the wife off it.
    NO. Just no. That's what the shower is for. I don't want water spraying up my ass from the toilet. That's just nasty. And then what do you wipe with? Have you seen what toilet paper does when it comes into contact with a wet surface? Yeah, it falls apart. So you're gonna wipe your ass with what, your bath towel? No, I'd just as soon not have to do a load of laundry every time I gotta take a dump.

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