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    Is it legal to run license plate # online?

    Is there any law against paying online to get name and address a license plate is registered to? I see when you go to order they have all kinds of Federal Law disclosures. If you are just using to find out someone's name and address, I guess that is ok? Just can't use to collect debt?

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    If you want to jump through the hoops, you can get it from the DMV.
    Anti-stalking laws have made it MUCH harder, but still possible under FOIA.

    A short cut that is free is a records search at the local court records computer, if anyone has ever got a ticket in the vehicle, the plate number will show up with registered owner's name and address on the complaint (ticket).

    I just ran a forum user name through a search engine and turned up quite a bit about the guy, name, address, a club he belongs to, his occupation & age, etc.
    With name, age & address it's easy enough to fork over $45 for his credit report and get about everything you would want to know, including vehicles.
    Don't know if a licence plate number would work the same way or not.
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