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    PR: Reports: Toddler slips from grandfather's arms on cruise ship, falls 150'

    A public security official in Puerto Rico told the Primera Hora newspaper that it happened when the child, 1 1/2 years old, was being held out a window by her grandfather on the 11th deck of the cruise ship docked Sunday in San Juan. According to preliminary information, the girl slipped from his hands, hit the boat and hit the pavement.

    She and her family are from Indiana. Father is a cop in South Bend. SB Police chief issued a statement containing condolences and disputes PR police report that grandfather was holding the girl out a window (porthole for Acteaon).

    Man, if I was gramps and this happened the way the PR police said it did, I don't think I could live with myself.

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    Sounds like a Michael Jackson moment...I can't think of any (good) reason I would hold an infant out a window (or over a balcony). Yeah, he shouldn't be able to live with himself but he's still living.
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    There have been a lot of conflicting accounts of how this happened.

    What we know for sure: there was a horrible accident that killed the child. Prayers for the family and the grandfather in particular. This has to be about the most difficult thing he has been through.

    What we don't know: why was the child up at the window.

    I have heard everything from "dangling the child out the window" to "grandpa was holding her near the window, lost his balance and she slipped out of his arms."

    The "official" statement from a lawyer hired by the family is that the grandpa did not realize the window was open and was holding the child so she could bang her hands on the window like she did on the glass at her brother's hockey games. Unfortunately, when she went to bang her hands "on the glass", there was no glass because the window as open and the grandfather, who was going to let her lean on the glass...lost his grip.

    Seems almost too incredible/boneheaded to be fake. In my mind it's a "it's so stupid it has to be true"/"if they were making it up, they would have come up with something better".

    There is supposedly video. I doubt it will be publicly released...which is fine with me.
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    Makes me sad. Granddad has to be just beside himself with guilt and grief.
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    Man, I won't hold my phone out a window to take a pic, I can't imagine holding anything I really cared about out a window like that.
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    Awful all around. I was carrying my son up a lighthouse once and then realized I was holding him in my outside arm higher than railing. It snuck up on me as stairs got narrower. Terrifying
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    Do you think the cruise line will be sued for their negligence in allowing windows to open?
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    Saw the family's attorney make a statement saying the same about them not knowing the window was open. Apparently it was the only opening in an entire "wall of glass". They are suing the cruise line. Awful to hear about no matter how it happened.

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    Made me sick to my stomach to see a baby die and also I feel so bad for the whole family but also the grandfather. Just terrible.
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    Being a grandpa... not sure how you would ever deal with that.

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