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Thread: Weather rant

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    Weather rant

    When did we switch from reporting the actual ambient air temperature to the heat index? I know why, it lets them post inflated temperatures to further the global warming agenda. I'm sure most people don't realize this and now think the temperature has taken a huge jump as weather liars get to report about 90+ even though in all the years past it was 80. We all know that the humidity makes it feel worse, but the actual temp is pretty standard when compared to previous years.

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    It's all planned to make us feel worse than we actually feel. I wonder if they report the same way in the Western states where there is little humidity. Are the "temps" colder in Arizona?
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    It's 95, but feels like 82. Better wear a coat.

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    It's not the's the stupidity.
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    Where are you getting your weather? TV? Google still tells me the temp when I ask. Also I think I'd prefer to know what it feels like than the actual temp, wind chill is a *****.

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    They give both and it is helpful and informative. It's been reported this way as long as I can remember, including in my grade school days when the scare was global cooling. My job often has me outside for long periods in dress clothes. I appreciate the additional information.
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    Since they're gonna tell you heat index anyway i just use it as a guide for how high the humidity is gonna be for that particular day. However i can just walk outside in the morning and determine its humid

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    "Feels like" temps are nonsense.

    Fabricated concepts so that TV stations can sensationalize EVERYTHING including standard summer weather.

    Give me the expected temp and dew point. I'll take it from there.
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    Still use a post mounted outdoor thermometer here so when SHTF and the web goes down, at least we'll know the true temp.

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