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    Quote Originally Posted by funeralweb View Post
    If it isn't him, then ​kudos to Public Enemy #1 for never robbing another bank or killing another LEO or civilian for the rest of his natural life....
    I think he was dead within 30 days of the G-Men ventilating the wrong guy outside the theater. Ain't no way in hell Dillinger would have stayed quiet. He got smoked shortly after the shooting at the theater. Hoover would've killed a whole town to make sure the secret stayed secret. The G-Men either smoked him and threw him in a hole or Machine Gun Kelly getting killed was actually Dillinger. I know it sounds conspiratorial, but today's FBI will still circle the wagons to protect Hoover.
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    And we made national news! New Year's Eve doesn't seem like the most logical day for exhumation...
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    I canít say either way if I believe any of the explanations from either side of the story. I think Hoover was capable of just about anything, just like the crooks in charge today. I also think Dillinger probably had more integrity than Hoover and the politicians of today. That being said, who knows what they will find when they dig up that grave, but Iím extremely interested in the whole thing.
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    What happens when they dig it up and find it is Amelia Earhart buried there holding the rifle used to shoot JFK?

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