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    Quote Originally Posted by VUPDblue View Post
    I'm with you on all counts. I recently learned that NHTSA/ICJI is going to be funding a DUI court (prosecutors and a judge who only hear DUI cases) in Marion County so perhaps the penalties will start aligning back to where they should be.
    I sure hope so. People should fear getting a DUI or OWI (whatever you guys call it now) not feel like oh well ill buy my way out of it. Because thats how it is now. Pisses me off
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    Me too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Dreed View Post
    all three occupants of the vehicle denied driving, how in the heck did it get under my deck? I suppose my house was running out in front of them and I am at fault. At least that is what is implied by the responding officers statements.
    I should suspect that when you rebuild, you may want to be more careful about placing your property in the way of travelers, so as not to interrupt their cocktails!?

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