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    Surprised They Don't Ask For A Pat Down Of The Officers....

    South Bend Tribune Opinion Piece suggests police should be disarmed while attending Community Meetings.

    It's interesting to note who submitted this to the Tribune.

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    They can eff right off with that nonsense.
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    Go figure.

    Submitted by Araquel Bloss, on behalf of Tyree Bonds, the brother of Eric Logan. (The felon who tried to stab a cop and got killed for it.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtanker View Post
    Go figure.
    Beat me to it; just another step toward their real goal of creating an environment where there is little risk of death or apprehension when they and their family members and their friends engage in lawless behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtanker View Post
    Go figure.
    Hey, go easy on him. His brother was shot. His nephew was shot, or shot himself, a week later. It's understandable he's a little nervous around guns.
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    First, please refrain from wearing firearms to our meetings. It is insensitive, triggering and intimidating to some of the attendees.
    Well... yeah...

    Also, I tune out immediately and discount every word that comes out of your mouth after you use "triggering".
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    At a family gathering, my sister was getting ready to leave. She walked up and gave me a hug and said "Your phone is poking me." I smiled and replied simply with "That's not my phone".
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    ...he said alright sir and shaked my hard and said he has respect...
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    I cocked my head to the side a little and was admiring his piece.
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    And seriously, where are those testicles being served? I want to just shove a handful into my mouth.

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    I.C. 35-44-1-3-2(b)

    (b) A person who:

    (1) knows that another person is an officer; and

    (2) knowingly or intentionally takes or attempts to take a firearm (as defined in IC 35-47-1-5) or weapon that the officer is authorized to carry from the officer or from the immediate proximity of the officer:

    (A) without the consent of the officer; and

    (B) while the officer is engaged in the performance of the officer’s official duties;

    commits disarming a law enforcement officer, a Level 5 felony. However, the offense is a Level 3 felony if it results in serious bodily injury to a law enforcement officer, and the offense is a Level 1 felony if it results in death to a law enforcement officer.
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    I'm picturing you curbstomping yourself, ala Fight Club. All while yelling, "don't worry ma'am, he'll leave you alone after this."
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    I think I would feel safer at the community meetings if the people who are unhappy with armed police officers didn't attend the meeting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamo View Post
    I think I would feel safer at the community meetings if the people who are unhappy with armed police officers didn't attend the meeting.
    Did you mean persons with known criminal history? In South Bend that'd probably reduce the refreshment budget at these get togethers drastically.

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    "What we do know is the insensitivity and intimidation of firearms during a community dinner and during the small group discussions of police misconduct, claims of use of excessive force, and even, a current investigation and pending litigation for the potential wrongful death or manslaughter of Eric Logan by former officer Ryan O’Neill."

    Guns be scary, yo!

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