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    Thanks, INGO.

    My brother said he worked, ate and went to the gym all summer. He even ran the hill near the house backwards.

    He really wants to play football in college like his older brother (Division III, our family does not have the genetics to do Division I).

    All the kids are doing great. #1 is back at college at football camp as junior (ChemEng) Geneva. #2 is taking classes before leaving for hitch in USN (he wants MA). #3 is in high school and working as an Electrician's quasi-Apprentice (PA has some burdensome employment/union regs so at 16 it is hard to work). #4 is lifting weights as I type this. Little girl is playing saxophone, drawing and hopes to become a unicorn vet.
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    That's great Kirk. Always nice to hear good reports about family members.

    Anything is possible

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