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Thread: Peter Fonda dead at 79

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobber View Post
    You will be immensely disappointed. It's a cool movie when you're a middle school kid growing up in the 60's. Once you hit 21 not so much.
    From what little I've seen and heard about it that's my expectation but it's kind of like one of those cultural expectations you grow up with. I figure it's probably on par with Odyssey and Clockwork Orange, both movies I've never been able to figure out the hype over. It took 3 attempts to watch Odyssey thru to the end and I was kicking myself for following thru the third time. It was either that or rebuild our electric dog polisher that night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littletommy View Post
    Wow! All these years and I thought I was the only one who had never seen that movie!
    I can sit here and honestly say I never got through the whole movie. I must have tried a half dozen times or so.
    I liked the premise but never the movie itself.
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    Iíll say it... Who?
    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    I was young/impressionable when ER came out at the theaters. It inspired me to build my 1st full size Harley.
    Ditto, sort of a "Right of Passage" into teenager movie.


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