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    Quote Originally Posted by actaeon277 View Post
    There are different "sects" with different "rules".

    Big deal.
    I was more interested in the fact that the occupants ran from the buggy when the police arrived. It's one thing to run from a $500 car that isn't registered to you (which happens all the time), but it seems a little different when leaving some horses behind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rw02kr43 View Post
    ...There's ways around all rules.
    As I explained to a highly placed state official a few weeks ago, it's NOT getting around the rules.

    It is executing a meticulous plan in order to COMPLY with the rules.
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    My BIL worked at a parts store for awhile. Some Amish dude came in and wanted to order a chrome visor for his buggy. Chevy S 10 visors were within fractions of an inch. He later tried to bring it back. Bishop thought it was well, you know.

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