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    Saving for my first house has ruined my gun buying...

    Kind of venting here, but for the past year I've been saving/looking for my first house and it has been absolutely miserable... The market is nothing but a sellers market. I've talked to several realtors and I'm amazed at what individuals in my generation "think" is a good house. They're blind! I've been called extremely picky by some, but bottom line is, it is one of the largest investments I will make in my lifetime if not the largest. Shouldn't I have the right to be picky with my money? I'm not going to by a house for $200k that's on .25 acres, 1000sq/ft and hasn't been updated since it was built in the 60s.

    This is my 2 cents but I feel the market has been ruined by realtors and house flippers. Apologies to any that are reading this, its just my 2 cents. I'm not going to buy a house that you just bought for $75k less just because you bought a bucket of white paint and new carpet and call that a remodel. What about that saddle back ridge board? Because you threw another layer or shingles on and it cant even hold the weight now. What about the grade that's falling back towards the foundation that's causes the basement to flood or worse the foundation to settle and split? You would BE amazed how many people down realize water runs down hill. Oh your basement is getting wet, just water proof it. No you d#$% fool walk outside and see it the grade is running toward the house, taper it AWAY. S$%^ rolls down hill goof. Its equivalent to some used car salesman selling a lemon with a fancy paint job.

    Buying a new house isn't great either, past few I've walked through, half the house is rotted 2x4s and 2x6s. Its a joke. at least maybe I'll get 10 years out of it tell I sell it to the next poor dumb b@#$@^$ for it to fall in on. Very close to buying land and building it myself.

    A lot of complaining I know, appreciate the readers. I just see it through different eyes when both sides of the family built homes. One side built crappy spec homes the other built 20 penny nail, hundred year homes. Just needed a good vent.

    Not to mention my gun collecting hobby has come to a crashing halt. Spoiled first world problems I know lol. Local gun shops are probably wondering where I've been. Can't walk in there with all this cash burning haha.

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    Many of us feel your pain, especially the hit to the gun buying budget. On the other hand, it's better than what losing your job does to your mortgage paying budget!

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    Something is always worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

    I bought my first house before the bubble burst. Lived in it years longer then I wanted (especially after my first kid), but an investment is just that, and I sold when the market came back up.

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    I was in your situation for about three years, finally found some land and just built my own about a year ago. Anything I looked at under $150,000 was either falling apart or needed major remodeling.

    If you can do a lot of the work yourself, building is the way to go, My house and 4 acres appraised for around 180,000, and I only had $120,000 stuck in it total including the land.

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    Sweat equity is a good thing if you're any kind of craftsman.

    Just think of the saving as a way to get a castle old your own to defend.

    And repair. . . .

    And pay taxes on. . .

    Yeah that.
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    I know what you're talking about. My daughter sold her condo and bought a new home recently, near geist reservoir. I was amazed and shocked by the asking prices and how quickly the homes sold. We found one we all loved, and I advised her to offer slightly more than asking price, since it was the most solid, well kept up home we saw. And we looked at a lot of homes. Most of them had offers within a day or two after listing. Just crazy! She did get the home and is moving in soon. We heard from her realtor that there were other offers on it, so maybe it worked out that she offered more.

    I think you might be on the right track to build your own, if you are up to it.
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    Lucky for me that the only way I'm leaving my current house is feet first.

    But the house still cuts into my gun budget. Small example- I am currently renovating the front lawn. What I will have into weed killer, seed, fertilizer and equipment rental by winter would have bought the 1874 Pedersoli Sharps I've wanted for a while.

    ...but hey....grass.
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    I still care....Really
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    As with about any thing we do that is a major investment patience will out. Something will come along.

    Find the right area and there may be something in there that only needs 10 gallons of paint and new carpet that you can get into at the right price. In this crazy market you are not going to find the turn key place you are desiring at anywhere near a bargain price.
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    Don't feel bad my sister bought a house in Phoenix two years ago 1800 sq ft for 400k. Six months later AC went out.
    My son and daughter bought a 2500 sq ft house in NY in July for 700k. So far they had an electrician in to repair the wiring had to replaced the carpets paint the whole place and re roof the place. They tell me they got a good deal.
    In this part of the country 150-200k would be the asking price for earthier house and lets not bring up property taxes.

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    I wont mind the general cost of upkeep on a house. That comes with anything, cars, boats, guns. My old man put it best. You just bought a house for 200k that needs work. Throw half your money in the trash. Because that's what your doing when your ripping drywall and insulation out and throwing it away.

    Hoping the market tilts soon, a lot of talk like it will come this spring before the election. Hard to say. 3-4 years ago is when I should have bought or built instead of renting. Paying rent is like a fart in the wind, money is gone for good. I'll never do it again.

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