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    What Happens To Livestock With EEEV ?

    For those not aware Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus has been a hot topic here in Michiana for couple weeks. At least two known cases of human infection in southern MI and a couple confirmed horses in Elkhart CO.. What becomes of the horses once they are confirmed infected? Do they then present a risk of subsequent mosquito bites spreading the virus even further from their infected blood?
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    I google fooed. It's maintained in nature from bird to mosquito to bird to mosquito. There's not enough of it to pass from mammal or human to mosquito. But you can catch it from a mosquito or from an infected horse through air or contact. Horses that have it will press their head down. Mortality rate in horses is about 80% and 30% for humans. There's a vaccine for horses but none for humans. The best defense is mosquito repellent. And yes, mosquitos are the devil.

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