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    Can someone explain to me

    Yesterday I had to replace the battery in my '02 Avalanche. After doing so when I started the engine I noticed that my heater controls were only allowing air to come out of the dashboard vents, therefore no air for defrost, floor etc. Turning the directional controller knob has no effect on air flow. This vehicle has the auto temp control as well but in this mode or manual mode there is no difference. Is this the result of disconnecting/reconnecting battery or just a coinsidence and does anyone have thoughts on fixing.
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    Being an 02 the first thing I would do is try and reteach the computer. Make sure the battery is fully charged. Unhook the negative wire for about 30 minutes. Leave positive on. Rehook the cable start engine and let it idle for about 15 minutes. This sometimes can help the vehicle reset its parameters. May or may not help
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    There usually is a way to reset the HVAC system on a vehicle, don't know what it is for an Avalanche. For my Solstice it was turn the fan control to high, back to zero, back to high, back to zero, and back to high. The system will then flash 3 times and reset.

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    Uh, of the two suggestions so far, I would suggest:

    a) re-teach the computer, as described above. If that doesn't work, then b), Tannerite.

    I've had the same issue with our '03 Tahoe, and resolved it with boogieman's procedure. Those vehicles have a series of electric motors that control the various flow direction doors in the HVAC box and one that mixes the air for temperature. If you have to replace any of them, it is a lengthy but not hard process to remove the dash to get to some of them, but given that this happened after a battery replacement, I suspect the computer controlling the HVAC is "confused."

    Good luck.

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    My 04 GMC had a similar hiccup but seemed to correct itself on the drive over to put it on the scanner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post
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    Start truck and let it idle for about 10 minutes while the flapper controls reset. You should be able to hear them turning. If you have dual temperature climate control you should be able to hear both sides turning. This worked on my 04 Suburban.

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