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Thread: 2019 Official Secret Santa Thread

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    2019 Official Secret Santa Thread

    This is a lot of fun, please join in and make someone's Christmas!

    Please send me an email with your INGO username, real name, and mailing address. Then post some suggestions for gifts you would like to receive in this thread.

    EMAIL ****Please put "INGO Secret Santa" in the subject, this is so I can find it in my inbox! I don't want anyone to get left out!!


    Here's how it works:

    • Members commit to participating by posting in this thread, including suggestions (and sizes where appropriate) for gifts they would like to receive (example - Glock stuff, AK-47 magazines, gun-related T-shirts size XL).

    • Email your real-life contact info (screen name, real name, mailing address) to me at:*

    • Cutoff for sign-up will be Friday November 29th @ midnight. At that time no new participants will be accepted.

    • Once sign-up is closed, participants will be randomly matched and each participant will be notified of their recipient via PM. (givers should then look up their recipient's post in this thread for gift preferences)

    • Spending limit is $25, with a $5 grace for those "gotta get it" occasions. Shipping costs aren't included in the limit.

    • If you scrooge out (commit to participating but fail to send a gift to your assigned recipient or send something incredibly lame), you will be publicly flogged and tarred and feathered. If you are willing to help out in making up for a fellow member's scrooging, please include that in your Email to me.

    • Make sure to post what gift you received! (And who you received it from.)

    • Only commit if you can do it, and please use the email address supplied so my PM box doesn't explode.

    That's it......Merry Christmas!

    This will make it easier for members to search for their recipient (and their list).
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    Scented candles.....girl stuff. Ask your wives.
    9mm ammo....
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    Joining again this year.
    Readers digest subscription
    Amazon gift card
    coffee / coffee cup
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    Used 40S&W dies
    Usmc coffee mug
    Ruger MK 4 mags
    12ga ammo
    S&W 4006 mags
    Usmc sweatshirt xl
    16ga ammo
    AR mags
    Cz 82/83 mags
    32acp ammo
    Ruger swag
    Savage swag
    Savage mk 2 22lr 10rd mags
    Gift card rocky mountain reloading
    Gift card midwayusa
    Gift card amazon
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    I'm in again!

    Gift cards: Cabelas/Bass Pro, Academy outdoor sports, Midway USA, Brownells, etc

    Black Rifle Coffee Co Freedom blend k cups

    124gr 9mm bullets(For Reloading)


    .999 silver

    Pro2A schwag : Tshirts(XL), tumblers/coffee cups, stickers, etc.

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    I still care....Really
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    Oh heck yes......In. Black rifle Surprise me.
    Cool cup.
    All I got for now.
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    Harley stuff.
    Goldwing stuff.
    AR pmags
    CZ Scorpion pmags
    9mm Shield mags (pref 8rd)
    17rd 9mm M&P mags
    Spicy Jerky
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    Steel targets
    Ammo (9mm, .22 lr, .223, .243.)
    CRKT POINTY stuff
    Gift card from Walmart.

    ACOG w/.308 reticle (JK)
    Parkerizing lollipops since 1973.

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    2xl tee shirts
    Ammo 22lr, 9mm, 45acp, .223
    Mags 1911 45acp, ar mags

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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by chezuki View Post

    Harley stuff.
    Goldwing stuff.
    If I get you I am not buying you a set of cases. Nope not gonna do it...

    If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn’t

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