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Thread: Questions for silver investors/collectors

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    Questions for silver investors/collectors

    I have considered collecting some silver to have on hand for obvious reasons. Have been reading and watching YouTube vids to get an idea of how to start.
    I'm thinking 1oz bars and rounds and taking advantage of the several starter packs of 10oz at spot to get my feet wet.
    Now for the questions.
    Is there a better way to start?
    Is there a better time of the year to buy?
    Are there sales like everything else on black Friday?
    And my most important question, what should I avoid?
    Feel free to answer any questions I should've asked but didn't.

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    You won't see much for sales when it comes to precious metals. Prices fluctuate with the market.
    A great place to look is Provident metals. This is where I purchase almost all my silver from. They keep the current spot prices in the home screen as well so you know what the metals are currently trading at

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    What is the obvious reason to have silver on hand?
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    I always used Provident metals, they cut you a cheaper price if you pay cash/check. l imagine black Friday has things like discounts on premiums but I doubt you find anywhere selling below spot for example. I'd start just getting a little of everything, some of the coins are beautiful but you pay a little more, you can't really go wrong if you buy from a reputable dealer in that most show you exactly how much you are paying over spot.

    Also I'm not sure I'd consider silver as an investment. There are more sure ways to get a return on your money and l've always found I'm not knowledgeable enough to price things like precious metals better than the market does. That said I've still collected some over the years I just don't expect to turn around and sell any for a quick buck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    What is the obvious reason to have silver on hand?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    What is the obvious reason to have silver on hand?
    Cuz' everyone says so.
    I'm a follower, not a leader...................we all need to know our place at the table.

    1) diversification
    2)financial stability during collapse
    3) rolling around naked in it because wife doesn't know I have it.

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    Junk silver. Still legal tender (even if at a significant discount from spot) and everyone knows what they are - not mystery international coinage. Known silver content (you can trust the government!).

    Also can be used for purifying water/disinfecting:
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    Most of my silver is in junk dimes. It's a known quantity of real money, vs the fiat money and debased coinage. I wouldn't have to make the heartbreaking decision to part with a beautiful collector coin at spot to buy some toilet paper. Not that I don't have some nice old dollars I inherited from my dad, but the dimes are all I've bought myself. Terminology: junk coins are the pre 1965 dimes, quarters, halves and dollars that don't have any particular value above spot because of rarity or whatever. There are also key dates on pennies, back when they were solid copper instead of thinly plated zinc.
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    Start with junk silver, dimes are easy to find in your daily change almost. If you can get the 10oz. @spot deals, they are good too, as long as shipping doesn’t kill the deal.

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    I'll second junk silver in small denominations. Always useful.

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