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Thread: Questions for past/present Scout Den Leaders & Cubmasters

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    Questions for past/present Scout Den Leaders & Cubmasters

    Our pack is getting setup to do the pies in the face after all the popcorn sales and normally they get some giant tubs of icing. This year we're wondering if there's a smart way to go about this. We have the largest pack in North East Indiana and there's going to be a lot of kids doing the pie in the face thing for a lot of us, but once we get ourselves cleaned up we have to clean up the church too. I think we've got a pretty solid system setup, but if there's ever a chance to improve what we're doing then I'm all for it. Any thoughts?

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    IDK, would whipped cream be easier? Good luck with that...I did a decade as a scout leader without taking a pie to the face.
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    My son's pack always used cool whip - thicker than whipped cream but nowhere near as bad as icing.

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    Joined Scouting the very first year they had Tiger cubs and stayed in as an Assistant Scoutmaster for several years and never took a pie to the face or gave one. As a facility tram leader at our church....good luck cleaning it up

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    We use shaving cream which can get at the dollar store. Also we put down a big tarp on the floor with a few chairs in the middle. We get big garbage bags that we turn into ponchos for the leaders that are taking a pie into the face. Get some dish towels so you clean their faces off then just wash them off in the sink and ring them out for the next person to clean up.
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    Our pack is the largest in North East Indiana and they've got the cleanup down to a science for the gym floor and all that good stuff. We were just wondering about ways to improve the cleanup on the scout leaders. We put up a small PVC frame and wrap it in plastic, then make a paper walk way to and from it to the bathroom. It's a lot of prep work, but save a whole lot more of clean up work. The only real hassle is just getting that icing out of all the clothes. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad standing there for an a hour licking your lips while facing the firing squad so to speak.

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    When I've been involved with those, we made sure to double tarp the floor, for way larger than we thought we needed. If you are near a wall, put up a backstop tarp as well. Either use a dollar store poncho/rain coat, or a 30 gallon trash bag to protect the pie recipient's clothing somewhat. (something always sneaks through however). Keep a large trash can nearby so the poncho can be inverted as it comes off, containing most of the mess and directly into the trash.
    Our pies were normally made from pudding that comes in gallon cans.

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    It's been awhile since my Cub Scout is 32 now. Whipped Creme from Gordon's and cheap drop cloth's always worked for us.

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