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    Elliptical machine: Sole E25 "Best Under $1000" award

    Our treadmill that I bought 15 yrs. ago with a lifetime warranty I gave to the son.
    Wife couldn't use it anymore for :45/day like she had for 15 yrs. b/c of arthritic joint issues.

    We learned at Planet Fitness she could use an Elliptical machine. I had been using them for years, till I couldn't anymore.
    Using my over-the-top research methods, I found out quickly that the Sole brand was one of the best.
    "Best under $1000" Award last year (or this year) = Sole E25.
    Dicks had them on sale down from $999 to $899 in Greenwood but I found out that in Castleton they were $799 (my pattern of finding the "value" ).

    Plus, delivery (w/i 75 miles) was free on their special, which I think is through the end of the month, but could be over.
    The assembly was $150 at Greenwood, but only $75 at Castleton.

    So, by going to Castleton saved me nearly $200.
    I really just happened to be in the neighborhood for a medical appt. for the wife.
    The assembly fee bothered me b/c I thought it was too much, but I wasn't going to take 3 hours to do an less than an hour job.

    There is an Sole E35 that is a foot longer (7') but cost more.
    It was smoother however, and the "tubing" was thicker, & more electronics, but the wife only wanted the 6' version, plus the E35 was $1500, but I thought I saw it on sale at the E. Washington Dicks for only $1000: I could be wrong.

    Note: email courtesy of old retired guy with a gun hobby that likes to pass on information of good values.

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    We have an E35, itís quality
    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

    Love them as if you'll lose them.

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    tl / dr

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    Thanks for that. I'll need to replace my Yowza elliptical because the company is out of business now and they replaced my Nordictrac's which both were crap.
    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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    I've had the E25 for about 5 years and it's a good elliptical. After ~3 years the computer died on mine, so I called support and they sent me a new one, along with instructions on how to swap it with the original. Pretty simple, but the new one didn't allow the elevation option to work. By the time I realized, it was out of warranty. I still use it 2 or 3 times a week and it otherwise works well.

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