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Thread: Italian cruise

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    Italian cruise

    Daughter (lives below Nashville, TN in Franklin) invited us to go with them on an Italian cruise in April.
    We gleefully accepted.
    Went on a vacation with them in Cancun 3 years ago and it was great: one of those all-inclusive types.

    Fly to JFK,
    Meet Daughter & husband,
    Spend night in New York,
    Fly to Barcelona (8 hr. flight),
    Spend night in Barcelona,
    Cruise 10 days,
    Fly back to New York,
    Spend night in New York,
    Fly back to Indy.

    Barcelona Spain
    Florence, Italy
    Rome, Italy
    Naples, Italy
    Nice, France
    Portofino, Italy

    My daughter always finds these value vacation spots, mostly involving beaches and/or near water somewhere every year.
    All in all when the wife mentioned it to me: a 10 day cruise with flying to New York and then to Barcelona, Spain & back again, I assumed it would cost literally 2 or 3 times more than it does.
    We went on our 8 day cruise around the Caribbean a couple of decades ago and I assumed this would cost alot more, but seemed like a bargain.
    We had dear friends since '85 go to Italy for 22 days last Fall & it was 4 times more expensive than this is, but, of course, theirs was much more comprehensive.
    That's me: the Value King!
    On my wife's bucket list is a trip to Italy.
    I told her if a quick cruise tour didn't do it for her I'd take her back for an inland visit, but I really wanted to go with the daughter & her husband.
    I don't think I'll be able (or willing) to follow my low, medium & high carb days on the cruise!
    I want some of those pastries I see watching Rick Steves PBS tour shows.

    Any heads-ups, let me know. The wife & I don't get out much, but did get our Passports awhile back for Cancun, I think.
    We are terribly excited about this opportunity.
    This is the first "Retirement" dedicated fun we will have done.
    I'd like to do at least 1 trip per year while we have the health.

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    "did get our passports awhile back" Make sure they haven't expired and get some of those little wallet sized versions to keep on you at all times you're off the boat.

    Yes I am for gun control!! A firm grip, steady aim, and a gentle squeeze!!

    What comes after your first "infraction"? Double Secret Probation perhaps???

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