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    What are you watching on Disney+ ?

    I was suckered into watching Bambi.
    The new star wars series is decent. Only 2 episodes so far.
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    Currently watching "The Mandalorian" (love the show so far) also watching the older Star Wars "the clone wars" as well
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    I've watched "the incredibles" again, and plan to watch all the Cars movies, I've never seen any of them.
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    The only reason I'm gonna buy, is for the Mandalorian. And since I'm a binge watcher, I'm only going to buy when the season is finished.
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    The mouse isn't getting anymore money from me, not after what he did to starwars.

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    Th Mandalorian is the only reason I was amiable to getting it. Other than that, my wife got my kids hooked on The Simpsons.

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