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    Granddaughter’s car needs two rims- where to locate ?

    My high school age granddaughter was given a 2007 Impala by her quite old maternal great grandfather. It has low miles and is in very good shape but he was a lousy driver in his old age. The car needs new tires but I think two of the rims are bent and should be replaced. If she isn’t stuck with a space saver spare I can use that rim but will still need one more. She’s a great kid and works a part time job, gets good grades, and is on the high school swim team. She pays for her own gas and insurance because that’s the deal her parents ( my daughter and her husband ) made with her so my wife and I would like to get her new tires for a Christmas present.

    Looking for suggestions for where to purchase two factory type rims for a 2007 Chevrolet Impala in the Indianapolis area. There used to be Wrecks Incorporated near me in Zionsville but they’re no longer in business. Hoping someone can point me to a junk yard or other resource. Don’t want to purchase something retail - just two rims that will be like OEM or equal.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You-Pull-And-Pay has been good to me on rims. I think I paid $15 each when I had to replace rims on the boy's '08 Altima after he hit the mother of all pot holes last winter.
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    There are also wheel reconditioning places that are cheaper than new, but probably more than junkyard. Used to be Transwheel out of Huntington, but I think they’ve changed names.

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    I found a rim for DoggyMama's RV (needed a spare) at Hix Wrecker Service on Bluff Rd. on the south side of Indy. They had a ton of rims of all kinds. They might have something for you.

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    I have had good luck with finding factory type wheels at brothers auto parts on Kitley Ave just south of English. I havent been on their website in a while but used to be able to actually look at the parts they had.
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    Check with Zore’s they deal,in used parts.
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    I second pull-a-part ( I think that's what it is called ) located off 16th street and fall creek. I would recommend taking one of the old wheels with you to compare with the one you get at the salvage yard to be sure it is the same. This has save me many repeat trips to the parts stores also.

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    Check the tire for diameter (likely a 17" rim). Bolt spacing is 5 on 115 mm (5 x 4.5 inches). 6.5 inch width, with 47 mm (1.8 inch) offset. You can measure a rim to confirm.

    Any rim, from any vehicle, with these measurements will work fine. This should include ANY 5-lug front-wheel-drive GM car from that era. Doesn't have to be an Impala.

    In my experience, rims seem to go quick from the Pick-n-Pull. Easier to just hit one of the used rim/tire places, as THEY are the ones that snap up the rims from junkyards as quick as they can.

    Good luck on the hunt!
    Ryan "ElDirector"

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    Great advice above. When I needed rims for my focus I found them on eBay.

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    I'm still looking for a set of 20" new take offs for my Silverado 1500. Place in TX seems to have a bunch but $300 to ship puts them close enough to custom that it's kind of a wash.

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