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    Amazon Smile

    I shop Amazon all of the time. A shopper can select a charity to donate to with Amazon Smile. I selected Gun Owner's Foundation, a part of GOA, as my charity.

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    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    My Amazon Smile account supports the Second Amendment Foundation. If Amazon makes money off of me, I want a pro 2nd amendment group to benefit too!

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    Mine goes to the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund.

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    I have mine sent to the hamilton county humane society. They do good work and can always use the extra.
    It's all true!!! The Boogieman IS real, and you found him!!!

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    My smile account goes to "Pets N Vets" a local training program here in Indiana (Hebron) that offers free training to disabled veterans for their service dogs.

    These people, I can vouch for. I have both PTSD, and a TBI, (IED in Iraq in '05) and took my service dog there every Thursday night (OK, I may have missed a few) for 2 years for training. The entire program runs on donations, and grants, so if you're looking for a cause...

    They also run fundraisers on facebook.

    You know what I like best about most people? Their dogs.

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