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Thread: US forces kill jihadi with frikken swords.

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    US forces kill jihadi with frikken swords.

    US forces kill jihadist leader in Syria with precision 'ninja' missile that chops up targets with blades

    The Hellfire missile, or AGM-114R9X, which has a set of six folding blades instead of a warhead for minimum collateral damage, is believed to have been used to take out a commander in the al-Qaeda offshoot Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) in the province of Idlib.

    ...Images of the scene shared on social media show a hole in the driver’s seat of the Mutsubishi Delica, which is otherwise largely intact. Inside the car, flesh and blood can be seen and a number of large identical cut marks.Experts point to the windows, which have not been blown out, as evidence the “Ninja” or so-called “flying Ginsu” was used.

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    Really "just" a kinetic kill, but still... pretty cool.
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    Operators standing by!

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    Always good to see another terrorist dropped.
    Must be a very unnerving for high ranking terrorists these days.

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    So they fired a "broadhead" from a "longbow"? Whats old is new again!!

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    The comments on that article were pretty funny.

    Maybe if we used more of these and left the julienne sliced jihadist's behind to scrape up they might take this war thing a bit more seriously.
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    Where can I buy one of those!
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    Cutting edge tech used in surgical strike.

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    Impressive. Here are some pics from the same weapon used a few years ago.

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