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    Prayer request for my wife.

    Hello INGO friends and acquaintances, I am asking for prayer for my wife. The weekend before Christmas she went to ER with chest pain and symptoms of a heart attack and per protocol they admitted her. Did an echo and stress test and discharged her the next day, stating everything looked good. EMS took her to Hendricks because IU West was on bypass so she was not able to see her primary. Monday she went to see our primary and he said things didn't look real bad but wanted to get the cardiologist blessings....just to be sure. Today she went to cardiologist and they did another EKG and he reviewed the results from Hendricks. His report was different from the other docs....enough concern to do a heart cath in 10 days.

    We're both a bit confused about the different interpretations and now the heart cath.

    Regardless, please keep my wife in your prayers. I will report the good news once it is received; on the 14th. Hoping this procedure will bring clarity to what seems to be differences of opinions.

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    Our prayers for God to bless your wife and entire family...

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    Prayers from my family to yours!

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    A prayer was sent !
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    Prayers up Ziggidy! Getting a second set of eyes on the situation sounds prudent to me. Better to err on the side of caution!

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    Done. Hoping for all the best news
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    Prayers up!
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    Done. Keep your faith. Hope all comes out well
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    A scheduled cath is better than an urgent cath; there is a low threshold for bringing people to the table nowadays it seems.

    Praying things go smoothly in the meanwhile, and afterwards.

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    I still care....Really
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    Positive thoughts and prayers outbound.

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