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Thread: Who's had to deal with a pinched sciatic nerve?

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    Who's had to deal with a pinched sciatic nerve?

    Who's had to deal with a pinched sciatic nerve? Last Saturday I was experiencing lower back pain and I really just tried to ignore it, hoping it would get better. Well I went to bed Saturday and my right leg was killin me. I tried laying every which way you can and nothing worked. I got absolutely zero sleep. I get up Sunday morning and could barely straighten up and walk and was in excruciating pain. I dealt with the pain as best I could. Luckily I was able to get a doctor's appointment yesterday, Monday. I had to have my wife drive me because my right leg seemed to be weak and my foot felt kinda numb. So I get to the doctor's office and slowly limp my way in with the help of my wife. The doc comes in and said he saw me limp my way in. He asked me what was going on and I tell him and he says he thinks I have a pinched sciatic nerve, the worst he has seen in a long while. The pain runs from my lower back, down my right rear buttocks, and down the back of my leg to my foot. I was hoping he would give me a shot to help speed up the pain relief, but he put me on a round of steroids and a muscle relaxer. He said I should start to feel better within a couple days, and he said I could go back to work on Wednesday. I just can't imagine
    being able to go back to work on Wednesday with the pain I am currently experiencing and I absolutely hate taking any time off. I have only taken 2 rounds of meds so far but unfortunately feel no relief at all. I have had pretty bad pain before and can usually handle it pretty well but this has put me on the floor a few times. I have never had anything like this before and don't wish it on anyone. I just hope the meds start kicking in soon.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. I guess I kinda ramble on at times.

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    I wound up with spinal surgery. If it gets bad enough, and depending on your age, you may well get to enjoy this. My muscles are still weak, but finally getting better.

    I had all kinds of special effects, like I would wake up screaming because it felt like my leg was being chainsawed off, or someone had soaked my foot in gasoline and lit it on fire. Hydrocodone for 5 months until I could get in the operating room was the only thing that kept me operating. I have a very stout cane that I still carry around with me.
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    Yes and it ****ing sucks. My foot is still numb from damage. Disc pushed out and pinched.
    I got up out of bed one day and collapsed, I couldn’t walk.
    No sleep for what seemed like weeks. Couldn’t sit in a chair to work had to stand as long as I could or kneel.
    Sleeping when I could was on my stomach, supported by pillows with one leg cocked up.
    Did it mention it ****ing sucks?
    There is another thread in the break room about it.
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    3 yrs now.
    Comes n goes w leg tingle/pain.
    But always some discomfort.
    And weakness. It's just gone.

    Stand for a while, sit for a while, lay down for a while............and no matter what activity, always that pressure/discomfort.
    Moved today and felt nerve roll, about puked.

    Also have some pudednal nerve stuff going on.
    Lightning strikes where you really don't want em LOL.

    Have not had injections.
    Tried anti inflams, allergic.

    Stretching and just saying Ef what I have to do.

    I did, for unknown reason, got 3 days of no pain/discomfort.........and then it was right back to what it was.
    But yeah, at least 3 yrs now.


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    I've had long term back problems that I won't enumerate here, but here are a few things I've learned:

    It isn't gonna get better in a day or two. It might take a week. It might take a month.
    If you have a recliner lounge, try to sleep in it. You may get more relief than a mattress. I've slept in my recliner for 3 years now.
    Don't stand flat-footed when you do stand. Put the weight on one foot and then the other.
    You don't say how old you are, but if you're over 40, you may have stenosis in your pelvic nerve canals. Until the tissue shrinks down the pain/numbness will remain.
    Don't push it. Overdoing it will reset you to a more painful level and the healing process will likely be extended.
    Don't lift a damn thing. Nothing.
    The electric stimulators you can buy at a drugstore or on line do help.
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    Ozzfest 2004 I got sunburned bad.
    Feet peeled, thought that why legs tingled.
    About a week later, went to get up from a nights sleep, and couldn't
    Crawl to door and pull myself up screaming......took forever to get to my Jeep.
    Went to chiro.
    He said I was way out and popped me.....I was like a bomb went off.
    But...........I could walk back to my car without looking like Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett show.
    Babied it a few months, couple more visits.........was gone.

    Well, kinda. Never 100%...........maybe 90%.

    Functional but never perfect.
    Always had middle back and neck issues, but this the first so low.

    Had it again a couple yrs later, couple visits, back to same


    Last visit said that its not chiro any more.
    Surgery time, go see specialist.

    Xrays say arthritis, next is MRI.

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    My job has me standing on concrete lifting things 8 hrs a day. Turning and twisting too.
    Age 55.
    Doc said take 2 alleve when I get up.
    Makes for odd burning sensation in face bones so I quit.

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    I've had 18 lower back procedures. 2 neck surgeries. 3 shoulder operations. DON'T go to the VA. 'nuff said there.
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    I did until surgery made life easier. Try sleeping on your stomach with your pillow under your chest and stomach. It helped at times. Sometimes it didn't...

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    I have something similar, but it's in my neck, so the pain shoots down my arm. Started in the left arm, but recently had it in the right. When I first had it in my left arm, it was horribly painful. Sometimes my hand was numb. Often felt like someone was stabbing me in the arm. I've been told I have a high pain tolerance, and this was awful. I couldn't sleep. I rolled around on the floor and cried. Pain meds only made me sick. A round of oral steroids and physical therapy finally helped. I see a chiropractor regularly, and take anti-inflammatory supplements. I actually know someone who is having surgery today for the same type of neck issue. I'm trying to avoid that. I've been lucky that it's been pretty manageable so far, after that one time.
    Good luck.

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