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Thread: Winter is arriving soon for northern 1/3 of state.

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    Exclamation Winter is arriving soon for northern 1/3 of state.

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    Damn it, Jedi

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    Just a typical February day up here.

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    Um...I've got 4-5 inches of snow on the ground at my place now, so what's this "arriving" thing?
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    Saw an interview with the weatherman's wife. She said if he is telling you it's 5 it's probably more like 3 at the most.

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    somebody is showing up to 7.7 down here in Indianapolis in isolated areas. a Heavy band from Avon-ish diagonally up to Pendleton or so, maybe 10 miles wide at the widest point. Martinsville, nothing but rain.
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    People are lining up for bread, milk and eggs at the store. Cinnamon and syrup are being strictly rationed.
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    Weather forecasting is the only job I know of that you can be wrong 90% of the time & still not get fired!

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    Woohoo!! French Toast!!

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    ****in Jedi!
    As someone who works outside, I don't want it

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