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Thread: MI driver saved by steering wheel after steel beam breaks through windshield.

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    MI driver saved by steering wheel after steel beam breaks through windshield.

    "A truck driver in Michigan came within inches of almost certain death last week when a six-foot-long steel beam crashed through his windshield while driving to Lansing.
    Johnnie Lowe, the trucker and father-of-three, described a chilling scene. He told the Detroit Free Press that he was traveling toward Lansing on the I-96 when a steel beam slipped off the back of an unstable stake truck that was in front of him."

    The beam bounced off the road and struck his window. He described it like a scene out of "Transformers." The only thing separating him from the beam was his steering wheel.
    "My life flashed before my eyes," he told the paper.

    Lowe took some photos at the scene and the beam could be seen resting on top of the wheel. Lowe figured that his truck was traveling at about 65 mph and said that if not for the steering wheel, the beam could have easily pierced his heart.
    The paper reported that he was back at work on Monday and said he hopes that he could get the message out for fellow drivers to make sure they secure their loads.

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    He spelled "Final Destination" wrong.

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    Saw this on the news this morning. That would definitely cause some major sphincter tightening!

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