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    A tree fell on the pipeline ROW next to our home. The company called and said they would be coming through. I asked for the wood when they cut it up. They said NP. Saves them some money having to transport and we get firewood.

    We also have a maple that might have to go. Agian they said we could get the wood and they would grind the stump and replant grass. Hopefully we can keep the maple as the wife wants to tap it next year.
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    Here's how it would go down in my world. If I thought to myself, "Boy, I would love this tree gone.", then along comes Duke offering to remove it for me, here's what would happen. They would bring three of their heaviest trucks to my property after three days of rain and proceed to cut ruts from hell in my yard. While they were at it, they would make sure their trucks were all trash free, and as an added bonus, my ground would be decorated with cigarette butts kind of like sprinkles on ice cream.

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    If the person left a contact number, set up a time and have them come back out for a conversation.

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    As mentioned it depends on the ROW
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    INGO meet and greet

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    My guess is that all the electric companies got a big grant from the government to take down Ash trees because of the emarld ash borer. The tree companies have been hounding everyone near a utility line for weeks now in my area. Here they are only cutting them down wood disposal and stump removal/grinding is on the homeowner. They have never been this aggressive wanting to take down big trees. Its always a contractor too and not the actual utility company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagee View Post
    INGO meet and greet

    And we could all sing this song...

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    Quote Originally Posted by moosehead View Post
    If the person left a contact number, set up a time and have them come back out for a conversation.
    Probably a good idea because if you just say No or ignore them they will be back. Ask for their arborist to meet you rather than Billy Bob that runs the chain saw.

    Also regularly check your tree trunk for paint. They typically mark them a few days before the boys with chain saws show up. And of course get plenty of pictures for documentation with someone standing next to the tree for perspective on size.
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    I used to work for the utility company and if the tree is within a certain proximity of the their lines or the right-of-way they have every right by law to trim or remove the tree regardless of what was there first. Usually a permission slip is used to access the property to reach their utilities to preform work. You can deny this but you cannot deny them access to their property and if your land is the only access point they will get a court order. If this is the case DO NOT let them just trim the tree, make them remove it because the contractors do a crappy job on trims and you will be stuck with an eye sore in your yard.

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    I&M is trimming trees in Fort Wayne and Allen County right now. I talked to their arborist several months ago when he came around to Mark the trees they were taking down. I asked if I could some way keep some of the ones that he marked. He replied no, their in the utility easement. My neighbor has a tree he really wanted them to cut down, they wouldn't because it's not in the utility easement.

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