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Thread: Coronavirus II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingomike View Post
    4 weeks ago the world was ending and we followed these clowns to literally kill the hottest economy in history ostensibly to save millions of lives. Now the threat keeps getting downgraded every few days and yet we are killing our economy not because of the numbers we are down to now, because of the numbers they were saying a few weeks ago. Do you think for a minute Indiana businesses and workers that lost their jobs would shut down then if the true numbers from now were known? I don't!

    They have the public ridiculously scared that they are going to die from Covid-19 and yet reporting I see says that over 85% of fatalities have at least one other major health factor. The healthy adults need to go back to work, we need to adjust to limit exposure to each other, and protect our at risk population. Schools are already shut down leave them shut down. We must get back to work...

    It's a more fundamental problem than that, Mike. Too many people don't seem to think they'll ever die and so are not able to face it. They'll drive to work each day because they think they have some control over whether they'll be involved in a fatal accident, although they over estimate that. They're terrified of CV-19 because it seems random and uncontrollable and not all the risk factors are visible and they don't know what to do to mitigate that risk or at what point they've done enough and further behavior mods succumb to diminishing returns. So they go all the way down the rabbit hole
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    well the markets think it's getting better. so do I
    WHAT? No doomsday warning? Man, we haven't even peaked yet! Who sold us this schtuff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsharmon7 View Post
    Could you expand on this? What is your background? Current occupation? How did you become involved in these calls? What was your input on these models?

    Iím asking because you seem to have self-positioned yourself as an expert on this situation and I think if you provided your credentials it would help people to understand where youíre coming from.
    Don't succumb to credentialism. You can tell who's on the ball. Read and listen to them all, verify the information as much as possible possible and then form a synthesis from that
    Who knew liberty would contain so many stems and seeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by printcraft View Post
    Who started this "discussion"?

    The CCP thanks you for towing the line.
    The expression is, "toeing the line" - as if to all line on with your toes on the line.

    And can we just stop this stupid argument? Calling it "Wuhan Virus" or "Chinese Flu" isn't racist, but certain is done to make a point.

    And pretty much everyone on INGO agrees that China sucks, so let's move on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Abraham Lincoln
    Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatin Since 87 View Post
    Why is it that important what someone calls it? It originated in wuhan.
    Correct! It's original and most accurate name was the Wuhan coronavirus
    Who knew liberty would contain so many stems and seeds

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    Deserves got nothing to do with it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipbennett View Post
    "Wuhan" isn't a race. "China" isn't a race.

    The people who live along the Ebola river have somehow managed to survive similar disparagement, though I note a distinct lack of virtue signaling when it comes to that particular, eponymous virus. Or Norovirus. Or Zika. Or (shall I go on?)
    Well, you left out how Lou Gehrig discovered amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Route 45 View Post
    I caught part of Holcomb's presser yesterday, in which he talked about the symbology and importance of Palm Sunday in the midst of this pandemic. I thought he did a great job. He owned his Christianity, and spoke very well about it, but without a hint (to my ear) of condescension or exclusivity. I wish more politicians could do that.

    To his credit, I think his starting point is a genuine faith, rather than something he adopts to achieve a political goal.
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    Thinking about some of HoosierDocís posts with this one....

    I had my 6 week checkup after my hernia repair yesterday. The doctorís office was a ghost town. When asked about if he were doing any other surgeries now: No, was the answer. Iíve got to wonder if/when this will start becoming common place at our local hospitals...

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    worldometers is not listing new cases by bar graph anymore. That's frustrating.

    We were told to expect 177 ICU patients with COVID this week. We have about 40.

    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

    Love them as if you'll lose them.

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