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    So much for Eric having everyone stay home. I got called back into work!

    Yep, you might have saw it on the news or read it in the paper. GM is partnering with Ventec ventilators. We are producing all the electronics in my plant in Kokomo. 'Bout doggone time GM has thrown this old dog a bone! Anyhoo, I am expected to install,level and anchor the new stuff so I now have a Mission Critical job description. Ha! I say to my old masterchief who said I'd never get to claim that whence I departed the fair seas.
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    Very glad to hear this!
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    Awesome for you and for Kokomo.
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    Good for you, the city of Kokomo, and the nation as a whole.

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    Good deal man! Let's hope you're just building spares!

    (realizing that could sound snarky... I mean I hope we don't need them because people are healthy)

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    Nice job. Ventilators would be great
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    Go to it brother!!


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    I'm glad that the stay-at-home order finally came.

    What I'm slightly less happy about is that I've worked from home (or lived at work?) for more than a decade, so I'm still working the same as normal. Oh well.
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    Great News!

    Just remember not to invert the sinusoidal repleneration valve. If you do those 4 novertrunnions will blow and you'll get pre-famulated amulites in your capacitive diractance. If that happens, you can kiss your malleable ambifacient waneshaft goodbye.

    Basically, it will suck and blow simultaneously.

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