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    Terrible loss. Happens way to often. Prayers for the family
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    A damn shame, thats what it is. Prayers for the fallen and her family.
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    Absolutely awful. Tragic loss of life. My heart sank into my stomach when I heard the news. Rest well, sister.
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    I'm picturing you curbstomping yourself, ala Fight Club. All while yelling, "don't worry ma'am, he'll leave you alone after this."
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    If you want a real vintage denim hat, you'll probably have to push a hipster off his fixed gear bicycle and, while he's collecting his PBR cans, grab it off his head and run.

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    So sad to hear about yet another officer's life being taken far too soon. I had the privilege of having talked with her several times through the course of work. She always seemed to have a positive attitude and smile on her face. Rest in peace. Thank you for your service to my neighborhood and our community

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    I heard about it and I felt awful.

    A bit later I saw the FB post from her boyfriend (?) from a mutual friend... A picture of their son playing dress up in her uniform and hat with the title "I dont know how to tell him". I'm not gonna lie; as a dad, I lost it. I cant imagine trying to have that conversation.
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Such a baby only 24, you did good young one Valhalla awaits I hope to encounter you one day.
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    I hate everything about this. so sorry.
    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

    Love them as if you'll lose them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trigger Time View Post
    I'm gonna paste what I posted in the other thread, in response to learning of the officers murder. Like everyone else, I'm sad, I'm angry, im heartbroken for a child who lost their mother, a mother and father who lost their daughter. A team who lost their teammate. A state who lost a champion, a Hero.

    I'm truly saddened to hear this. What a senseless loss of a hero.
    Prayers up for the IMPD family and all of this officers friends and family. Rest In Peace Officer.
    Once again though IMPD shows its professionalism with the piece of **** that did this is taken into custody unharmed, upholding their oaths and honor
    They are better men and women than I and we are blessed to have them on the front line against this evil
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    So sickening, I remember 24, so much ahead.

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    Sad news, she served in the National Guard as well. A good friends an officer in a Chicago suburb and says there's been a big surge in his domestic calls, not surprising though.

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