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    Wow!! Glad you are healing.

    Our property is steep in a lot os places. Clearing a trail up to the deerstand one year on my John Deere 5205, I ran over a sapling and bent it to the ground. It sprang back up so when I backed up it hit me square in the back. By luck it I slid to the side and only got a welt on my back. Could have impaled me.

    Be careful.


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    Ow, that could have gotten real ugly, real quick. Did you need clean underwear afterwards? You were lucky, I hope you thanked the deity (or several of them) of your choice.
    Tulta munille! HAKKAA PÄÄLLE

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    You are being watched over my friend! So good to still have you around!

    These things can bite.

    First rule of farming: the newer the tractor, the more likely an accident.

    Second rule of farming: keep the shinny side up...
    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by phylodog View Post
    Had a rough morning.

    If you look you'll notice a fence post on the ground parallel to the top of the drop off. 60 seconds before the photo was taken that pole was buried halfway in the ground. I put it there so my wife and daughter have an easier time backing up the ATV/Trailer to dump manure. This was probably the 30th trip I've made with a load of manure to dump it over the edge but this one went differently.

    My front tires made contact with the post but instead of stopping against it, the pole rolled out of the ground and rotated my front wheel up and over with it. There wasn't enough ground on the far side of the pole to support the front tires so over she (and I) went. I flipped forward and the knob on the steering wheel tried to rip my left pectoral muscle off. Ass over tea kettle then I landed/slid down the corner of the front bucket. No cuts, no broken bones but my chest hurts a bit, my back hurts a lot and I've got a nice raised red streak running from my right shoulder blade down toward my tail bone ending in a very pretty bruise on my butt cheek (just short of the crack!).

    I'm extremely lucky and extremely sore. I was able to pull the tractor back up with my truck with little effort and I got back on the tractor and spent the rest of the day alternating between it and the mower (with the suspension seat). This scenario won't play out again but I'll be wearing the seat belt any time I come close to this hilly corner of my property on the tractor. God and a few others were watching over me this morning and I'm very grateful.
    Just Another DAY in the LIFE of a FARMER
    Freedom is defined by the character of those who defend it

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    So why are you dumping manure over that side? Dump it where you can get to it in a year or two ... will be incredible compost.

    Glad you ok.

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    Glad you are ok. Thanks for the picture. It reminds me to be more careful when mowing ditches on my tractor. Things can go bad in a second.

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    Mahindra wants to make a commercial to show their tractors are sturdy...or something!

    As grandma used to say, "you can thank your lucky stars".
    If your crystal meth dealer has all his teeth, he's a cop!

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    Yikes! Glad you are okay! That could have ended a lot different.

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    Here's another that's glad you are OK!

    Also glad to see you don't have the ROPS bar tilted down, and that you didn't have to see if it really works or not.

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    Damn Phylo !!
    Glad you are ok. That's scary just looking at it.

    Eating beavers just to help save trees.

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