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    I have a cat now.

    Some, very not nice person dumped a super sweet kitty at my work this past weekend. I have a cat now.

    Why do you have a horse in the house?

    Lets be friends.

    Later dog, I'm tired.

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    Congratulations! Is this your first cat? It's cool that it gets along with the dog, and vice versa. I've only recently (well, around 2006) become a cat person, and my cats have always been around the dogs too. I don't know if it's just coincidence or not, but they've always acted more like dogs than cats in some ways!

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    Your cat actually looks a little like my cat now. She's a calico/tabby mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoggyDaddy View Post
    Your cat actually looks a little like my cat now. She's a calico/tabby mix.

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    FYI You are no longer the master of the house. You are now a lowly servant there to carter to the needs and whims of the most powerful one. On the upside you can now blame most of your typo's on the cat since if yours is like mine his favorite spot is going to be between you and whatever you're doing and that includes typing.

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    Good on you, Bacon. You're good people.

    This is Sir Grover Dill Pickles. (Pickles for short) He adopted us last year. He was sitting on the front steps when I came home from a business trip. He was VERY friendly and obviously hungry and didnt really want to move on. Mrs Monkey came out and sat down next to him. He immediately climbed in her lap, settled in, and buried his face in the crook of her elbow. He seemed exhausted and lonely. We took him to the vet and he had pretty much every curable parasite he could have. But thank God nothing like FIV, etc.

    He is quite the dapper dude.

    He and his brother Gizmo didnt really get along at first, but now they play constantly. They are both male and dont snuggle, sleep together, or show affection really, but they do enjoy hanging out together and playing. ESPECIALLY hanging out together out in the back yard. They are indoor cats, but they do like to go out in the back yard and hang. They dont leave the fenced in area.

    This is Giz. He is more like a dog than a cat. He is VERY social and loves to hang around people.
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    Congrats and bless you!

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    I love cats. Unfortunately I became allergic when I was a kid and canít be around them or my eyes swell shut, had to get rid of ours when I was a kid over it. It used to be real bad, but Iíve been in a few houses with cats recently and it wasnít bad so Iím not sure if it still bothers me or not, donít want to chance it. Theyíre clean, and low maintenance other than feeding them.

    Out of curiosity, does it still have all its claws?
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    This is how most people get cats. They just show up one day and boom, you have a cat.

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    Here are my kitties making themselves comfy on my bed. Torty shell little female kitty Carmel on the pillows and big part Maine Coon monster male kitty Denver on the bed. They don't like each other much, but occasionally hang out in the same location:

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