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    Anyone using E Track for securing vehicles or cargo on/in trailers?

    Last week I purchased a Sure-Trac 18+4 tilt car hauler for moving my tractor/UTV/ATV/Zero Turn mower around. I'm very happy with the quality of construction but as I sit here needing to pick up my tractor from it's first service I'm wondering how difficult it might be to get it onto the trailer when I get to the dealer. The treated wood can get pretty slippery so loading/unloading in the rain could get interesting and I've heard stories about other folks having an interesting time in wet weather.

    My hunting partner has an enclosed trailer in which he's installed some E Track which he uses to tie down the electric UTV we use when hunting or working around his farm. I'm considering installing them onto the deck of my new trailer but figured I'd see if anyone has experiences (good or bad) with this system before I buy something and end up regretting it. The convenience of the tie down system E track offers with the variety of accessories available is nice and I believe it is strong enough to handle any of the equipment I own. Will the E Track itself make loading/unloading in wet weather easier/less dangerous? It seems like it may with the shape of the stuff but I figured it's worth asking.

    Not the greatest pic but here's the trailer in question and the tractor (heaviest thing I haul) for reference.

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    I have E trac in a smaller enclosed trailer but only use it for lighter cargo. As long as it's rated for the weight and use AND installed properly I don't see why it wouldn't work. Personally I wouldn't be comfortable with it holding a 4000 pound load on wheels but it's primarily because I haven't ever seen it done. I wouldn't use anything just screwed to a wooden deck although I have used D rings bolted thru wood with large steel backing plates under the deck.

    Rating and installation.

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    Race car haulers bristle with this stuff. My Wells Cargo Cargotrack 5' x 8' enclosed has it on the sides which is handy. Make sure it's tied into the frame members and not just the decking. Amazon has tons of accessories for this stuff.

    I'm not sure how it will make your wet-weather loading/unloading safer but now I want to install more in my trailer after seeing some of the cool things you can do with it...

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    . For that tractor I would weld D rings or stake pockets. I love E track but not on the deck, they would be helpful sometimes for me but other times would be a real pain. For instance if you have stake pockets and put sides on it to haul mulch, stone, or dirt cleaning it out will be somewhere between a hassle and impossible.

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    Good point Butch, thanks for bringing that up as I do plan to haul loose materials at some point.

    Thanks to everyone.
    There's lots of ________ on here who don't fit your particular stereotype, smearing us with goofball sophistry is what is out of line. It just makes gunowners look like *******s.

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    Use chain and chain binders to tie that tractor down. E-track is good for atvs, lawn mowers, motorcycles and lighter stuff, but if you have to "maneuver" on the highway you don't want that tractor to sway or move. E-track may turn loose with that much stress on it. E-track on the floor can be a PIA depending on what you haul on the trailer. I have E-track on the floor of my trailer and it gets in the way now and then.

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