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    Pickup truck recommendations

    I need a pickup truck. Small to mid size. Top requirements are fuel efficiency (yes, I know it's a pickup truck, relatively good mileage) and reliability. It will not haul a lot, just needed for the cargo space.

    I'll be shopping the used market (not new).

    I was thinking Toyota Tacoma.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hard to beat the Tacoma on durability. My 13 year old Silverado with a V8 gets about the same mileage, though.
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    Take a HARD look at Nissan Frontier. Just got a 4X4 and its awesome, bullet proof.

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    Yeah, mileage is gonna be about the same compact or full-size.
    You'll pay through the nose for a Taco, even a rusty one.

    Get a used full-size. You'll have to put a ton of miles on it to make up for the difference in price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airtevron1 View Post
    Take a HARD look at Nissan Frontier. Just got a 4X4 and its awesome, bullet proof.
    I needed an extra vehicle, picked up a Nissan Frontier 4x4, 6 cylinder, 4 door cab, long bed. It's a configuration that is very difficult to find. LOVE IT. For an extra vehicle its more than proven itself. However the fuel economy is not very good. I looked at the Toyota Tacoma too, could not justify the high price premium. The Nissan Frontier seems to be the great value choice on the market. Not the same flash as the Taco or the new Ranger, but if you need a truck to be a truck the Nissan is a nice compact truck.

    All compacts have their limits, don't ask them to be full size trucks, haul full size trailers, etc. But within their limits the Nissan deserves a very strong look.

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    Tacoma would probably be the best choice for overall...everything.

    If you don't want a full size truck, don't buy one. It's nicer to have something that fits in most, if not all garages, quicker to clean, and fits in tighter parking spaces.

    Another often overlooked (but highly rated) smaller model is a Honda Ridgeline. You have to get past the fact that it's a Honda, but you are man enough I can tell from your posts that you wouldn't worry about what other's think.
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    Saw a "Million Mile"...well literally, a million miles, Frontier at the Chicago Auto Show. Obviously well maintained, but original and non-rebuilt engine and trans.

    My Silverado only has 193,000 miles.
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    I dont know a ton about trucks, but my wife has a GMC Canyon with 2.8 duramax, and it got 30MPG. The only reason we sold it is we had another kid that put one of us in "minivan" territory, and it wasn't going to be me.
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    Have had since new four Datsun/Nissan pick-ups and now driving since new a 4X4 Tacoma Access Cab. The Toyota has only cost me oil/lube/wiper blades going into the 6th year (Toyota covers oil changes first 24 months), none of my Datsun/Nissans were this reliable. The jury is still out on the polymer bed used on Toyota in 2015. Best mileage on the 4 cyl is 22 mpg mostly hwy and most of the 6 cyl drivers tell me they get close to the same, feel like I made error in that regard.

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    Cheaper than a Tacoma and a better truck IMO.

    U.S. Army retired

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