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    Wish me luck. Another surgery coming this month!

    Dr. Brian Badman is performing a total shoulder replacement on my right side. I just got done having an anterior cervical fusion of 3 levels with titanium plates and P.E.E.K. spacers. I have had 3 prior shoulder surgeries on this bad ball and socket. My new one is a titanium ball pounded into the humerous and a new P.E.E.K. socket affixed into the old bad area. While in there, the doc will remove my 17 Biomet Juggernauts and assorted hardware. I have total skeletal osteo arthritis and this surgery should help my pain levels in my bad wing.
    So if you could keep me in your prayers, send good smoke or just think of me on the 14th.
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    Good luck! Prayers your way for a speedy recovery!

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    Wow. Sending good vibes your way. Would like to avoid that myself. Sounds like you're putting somebody through college.

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    Wishes for an uneventful procedure and a speedy recovery.
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    Prayers and best wishes, remember titanium is our friend.

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    OUCH. Best of luck, I'll say a prayer for you.

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    Good luck sir, prayers sent for a positive outcome.

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    Dave, prayers on the way.

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    Wow, hope all goes well.

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    Good luck, and hope for a quick recovery.

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