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Thread: Need wired headphone suggestions

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    Need wired headphone suggestions

    Looking for suggestions for a new set of quality, comfortable, wired headphones. These are for use at a desktop computer and likely worn for hours on end.

    Currently using Sony mdr-xb950bt which are great except the damn things keep breaking in the circled area. Every time I glue them back together they crack a week later in spite of being very careful with them. I've been limping them along over a year now and they work fantastic other than the incessant cracking. (also, the BT/powered aspect is a complete waste of money for my use case)

    -not wireless... to be used sitting at my computer.
    -looking for over/around the ear like the ones I have. Not ones that rest on the earlobe. not earbuds. I'm not using them for exercise.
    -Not complete isolation sound damping but lets say when I'm trying to work from home I don't have the same appreciation for my little pony that my daughter does.
    -I'm not an audiophile but do have an appreciation for quality.
    -Quality over volume. (I wear ear pro for .22)
    -$125 budget.

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    Sennheiser make several models that meet your criteria. I like my 280's. I think I paid about a $100 for them. Use them mostly for recording.
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    Audio Technica AD700X.

    The absolute best you're going to get for your price range.
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    AKG 702 Reference Studio Headphones
    Bought mine from Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne. Thinking about buying a second one as I have never had sound so perfect as the 702s produce.
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    I've always had good headphones, but over time the ear muffs degrade. I think my set of Skullcandy will be the last ones I need. They're holding up.

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    I have a set of V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-the-Ear Headphones. Absolutely love them. This model is a bit pricey now so perhaps the newer ones are less expensive.

    I also have the wires Google bugs. Also awesome. Just not as full as the others.

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    So I looked through those and it looks like the ones suggested are all "open". I'm looking more for closed type for the sound isolation from MLP.

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    Sony MDR-7506.

    There's a reason that every music studio has several pairs.

    I wear mine for hours at the office and take them on planes.
    I've since replaced the surrounds with a set of lamb skin ones.

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