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Thread: Breaking: Massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

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    So I tried to figure out exactly where this happened. Google maps with the traffic turned on pretty much pin pointed it.

    And in this one, the "Explosion" tag was not there the first time I looked. It said "Port Silos of Beirut"

    So it looks like a ship was the cause.

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    looks to me like it was the warehouse on top that was burning

    rumors of jets and then fire, then kaboom. and rumor of Iran sending arms to hezbollah via this port
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    Seems to me there was an oxidizer or fuel source that was aerosol and it cooked off big time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T.Lex View Post
    A "fireworks" warehouse. In Beirut. Exploded.

    Was that answer preceded by "I'll take Implausible Explanations for $200, Alex!"?

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    Did we ship some BLM and ANTIFA over there?


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    Not at all. They are all about minimal-level violence to provoke a confrontation that they can video and claim victim status.

    Lebanon has their own issues that involve far more serious violence.
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    An unusual rust colored cloud after the explosion. It doesn't look like a ship was at the center of the explosion but now simple would it be to bring a ship full of explosives or a nuke into a US port. I know there are safe guards in place but still....

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    Could very well have been nitrate fertilizer. Remember what happened in Texas City back in IIRC the late 1940's?
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