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Thread: Last week started like any other...

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    Last week started like any other...

    Did some field work Monday AM then got back to the office.

    Co-worker, who was working from home, texted me and asked if we could rescheduled Tuesday's field work for later on Monday so we'd miss rain/storms.

    Sure thing, man! I'll get around and come pick you up - since he lives in Plainfield and we were headed to south of Marshall, Illinois.

    We accomplish all of our tasks despite me forgetting 2-3 things that we kind of needed and head back to Plainfield to drop him off.

    Then I come in to work on Tuesday AM and begin work, work, working all day long.

    I then get simultaneous texts from coworker and my boss: Coworker was around a guy who tested + for the Kung Flu. Boss tells me that I should go home.

    Great. Just great. I'm in no fewer than TWO high-risk categories. Hooray for that.

    Co-worker tests + for the 'Rona.

    Now I'm quite anxious - high risk and all.

    So I hem and haw for another day or so before *I* decide to get myself tested. I had my nasal swabs done at about 12:45pm on 7/31.

    I check my account probably 10x a day for results.

    I finally got the results last night about 10:40pm. NEGATIVE. WHEW.

    HOWEVER, that neg test is/was just a snapshot in time. There is still a chance that I've been infected. BUT - my coworker showed symptoms in 3 days (he's high risk, too...). I breezed through 3 asymptomatic days easily. And, thankfully, I still am.

    The day that my co-worker and I were together: I wore a mask 98.5% of the time we were near one another. And he wore a mask, too. There is no doubt in my mind that wearing my mask (And he his) has probably saved my life.

    If you care about yourself and those around you, please, wear a mask.

    (And now I'll sit back and wait for all the Internet Medical Degree holders to chime in)

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    I still care....Really
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    I have my own real life encounters to set my opinions. And none of them had masks involved. Not knocking your theory's or opinions at all. If you believe this then carry on.
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    Good deal. If I was you I'd get another test in a few days just to be sure.
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    Edit: My mistake. I'm still half asleep.
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    It still takes almost a week to get the rest results. Damn, I am also very high risk, and extremely careful/paranoid.

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    Fast-Tex Urgent Care in Cibolo does commie flu tests and turn-around is about 20 minutes. Of course you have to factor in the 2400 mile round trip.

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    I asked a couple people that I know have been tested, and they both said they had results in less than 48hrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    I have my own real life encounters to set my opinions. And none of them had masks involved. Not knocking your theory's or opinions at all. If you believe this then carry on.
    same here.

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    I almost died once. I was driving down the road and someone driving on the same road got into an accident. I stopped to help them and turns out they were fine. I couldn’t believe my luck. It could have easily been me. I’m sure that my seat belt saved my life that day.
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    I was at the post office the other day and the woman working the counter was quite short with me and the man in front of me, I grinned when she told both of us the next time we come to the PO we better be wearing masks. I responded that I have tourettes and it shows itself, when I put on a mask and she would not appreciate the awful things I say then.
    I then told her she needs to watch a few School House Rocks Videos...
    I then heard the Postmaster bust out laughing from his office.
    He then walked out without a mask and fist bumped me and went back to work...
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