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Thread: water softener vs water conditioner or both?

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    water softener vs water conditioner or both?

    I am looking at the following system.

    In their literature, it says at 25 gpg a salt based water softener would be better than their conditioner. Well guess where my water tests?24-26 gpg.

    So....should I swap out the conditioner and put a salt softener in its place or is there any benefit to having both. If so, where in the loop would the salt conditioner go? I am thinking after the pre filter and before the conditioner.
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    post filter, pre conditioner ...
    the fliter will catch any sand , the softener will keep scale from building up in your conditioner..

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    This is the one we put in our house, still not sure about the performance but very happy with the customer service department. They will test your water if you send in a sample and it is free. I bought and installed in our new home without getting the test done and it seemed to be leaving hard water spots on stuff. I sent in a sample and found my hardness is 27 which they say is about the max for this type conditioner. I was given a couple things to try and that seems to have helped but not enough time yet to decide.
    I hope this does end up doing the job because it is small and does not use a bunch of water to re-generate, our well is new and seems to be a good one but still rather not use that extra. There are also concerns about adding the extra water and salt into the septic system.
    The "head" has cast in threaded brass bushings and one of them leaked around the outside of the bushing. When I contacted the company about the problem I had a new "head" the next day, no charge. I suggest sending in a water sample for testing and go from there. Jim.

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