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Thread: Surveyor Recommendation?

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    Surveyor Recommendation?

    Any recommendations for a surveyor in Hendricks County? Just for a small, 1/2 acre lot. Need the boundary lines marked. Getting ready to "fix" a fence. More like, the fence is falling over, and if I am going to do the work, I may as well move it out to the property line. i'm already aware of setback and easement rules. Just need to be SURE of the actual line.

    Anyone in the business, or recommend someone?
    Ryan "ElDirector"

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    ASA in Greencastle. Excellent work, at as reasonable price as you can ask.

    They go all over the place.

    Deckard in Crawfordsville does good work also. No idea on fee levels though.

    Speaking frankly, it has been my professional experience that businesses in Marion and the halo counties are more expensive than those who are further out, for the same goods/services.
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