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Thread: Cereal Killer

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxwelhse View Post
    I'll toss this one out as a breakfast calorie bomb too. It's dang good though. It's also nice that you have to make it the night before. So in the morning you just chuck it in the oven and roll. and... watching the video again, I skip the mustard and after the first time I made it I leave the mayo out.

    Also... I've liked everything I've cooked from that guy as well as all of his products that I've tried (his mesquite seasoning and chipolte relish are staples of my kitchen now).

    I also agree that only the mentally ill would put milk in the cereal bowl first.

    Anyone wanna start a counter for when Hatin' will show up and tell us that's how he does it? That boy ain't right.
    Cowboy Kent Rollins is a favorite around my house. Love some of that old Cookie's recipes. But as far as cereal goes... Frosted Flakes, Cereal first, milk last--I'm not a Nazi, and if it's not at least half a box's worth in a big popcorn bowl I don't even consider it a snack.

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    I generally don't eat cereal, but when I do it's usually oatmeal, cornmeal or grits.

    I like a good oatmeal cooked up with chopped dates, figs and raisins. Seasoned with cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar. Served with a splash of cream and of course bacon.
    Thor himself has spoken, mere mortals must make it so. - bradmedic04

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    Browncoats: May have been the losing side, still not convinced it was the wrong one.

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    Ummmm...Cinamon Toast Crunch!!


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    Kellog’s raisin bran (not fond of Post’s), and more often as a late night snack vs. in the morning. No milk, just half & half instead. Cereal in the bowl first, then pour the half & half.

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    Don't remember the last time I ate cold cereal...been years, at least.

    I used to eat (ye olde fashioned) oatmeal once a week with butter and walnuts, but I am off of all grains right now.
    ​Bullies suck. They also make you stronger.

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    An open box of Lucky Charms is a gone box.
    Rights are only as secure as the ability to wield sufficient force to defend them. - J. Neil Schulman

    “There's nothing wrong with the country a bad recession couldn't fix.” - Irving Kristol

    "He's not a tame lion..."

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    My weakness is Cinnamon Grahams, and once a box is open it's gone. I now stick to oatmeal instead

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    I picked up Honey Nut Cherries for the little guy. Raisin Bran and Frosted Mini Wheat for me. The Frosted Mini Wheat won the draw this morning before heading out the door.
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    - Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

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    I know a guy that was on the SWAT team for an out of state PD, and during the service of a warrant one of the perps grabbed the muzzle of his MP-5. After a burst of 9mm showed him the error of his ways, the remainder of the burst went into the kitchen wall AND a box of Cheerios. He is still the department's Cereal Killer.

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