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    I was gonna check out indyimportscene and it redirected me here

    I did it like ten times thinking I was on crack. What gives?

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    no longer pays the bills

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    IIS is gone We gave it a good run but it just wasn't going to work out and I didn't want to pay for hosting.

    There were some great "old school" pictures posted from the original board and I made sure to save them. I added them to an IIS thread that was posted here on INGO a while back.

    Sorry it didn't work out.
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    If someone gave me a turbo car, I would get back into the "car scene".

    But I drive a mini-van and an Avalon. I'm almost like a Grandpa now.

    It was fun while it lasted. (Again)

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    If i had money, i would be more into modding my car. Since i am a poor college student right now, i can barely afford the gas.
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    If I had money, I'd probably not be more into my car. Good thing about old and reliable transportation is you don't give a vrap when someone puts a scratch or ding in it.

    Appleseed Rifleman - 228 - I know what I am about.

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