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    Bernie Mac... dead

    Bernie Mac just died He was pretty funny.

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    Sharpshooter pierce195's Avatar

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    Saw that on this AM. Makes you think he was only 50!

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    Sadly..... Common sense doesn't seem very common anymore.

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    I just saw that too, sad indeed
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    Yeah 16 hours ago a report came out saying he was in the hospital for pneumonia, that a full recovery was expected... 2 hours ago... bam... dead. Not as crazy as when John Ritter died but still... really makes you think.

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    That sucks! Bernie was one damned funny man.

    Godspeed, Bernie. Godspeed.
    BS: The smell is the tell.

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    I remember reading that he was a Glock fan.
    "Do not overthink it, gentlemen. It's only a gunfight, not an IRS tax audit." - Louis Awerbuck

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    I will definitely miss him and his contributions to society.

    "The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State."
    Article 1 - Bill of Rights - Section 32


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    If anyone has never watched Kings of Comedy... do so...Bernie was a riot

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    Very sad indeed.

    R.I.P. to a not funny dude and a fellow (gunny?).

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