It is called Sports Shooting USA and sadly this is all I can find about it.

Shangrila Towers: Tech: Sammy Sports Shooting USA

It is a IPSC/USPSA/etc. style practical shooting game with a light gun molded after an open class STI 2011. In fact as mentioned above, all the guns in the game are STIs. It is fun as heck when it is working and is only 50 cents which if you are even half way decent lasts about 5-10 minutes. The wiring is a little jacked on it (my buddy had to crawl behind the cabinet and wiggle some wires to get it working the last time we played it) and the second player gun shoots way right, but if you are in the area, or possibly waiting for/done watching a movie, give it a whirl.

BTW we found out that the stages are different for each class. So Open has a whole set of different stages than Modified, etc.