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Thread: Online dating?

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    "Psycho groupie cocaine crazy makes you high, makes you high, makes you really..." - System of a Down

    Yup, I quoted song lyric in actual response to your question, and I actually think that semi-rambling synedoche sums up the dilemma succinctly.

    You just never know who's on the other end of these tubes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evansvillethompsongunner View Post

    You just never know who's on the other end of these tubes.
    +1--agreed...I only do it because I work 40 hrs/wk, have my son full time, don't do bars/clubs/don't even drink...hard to meet people with this kind of life

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    Lars & I met on a MUD and have been happily married for almost 9 years.

    A friend of ours tried an online dating site. First match didn't work out so well, but he just got engaged to the second match.

    My sister is doing some sort of online dating thing through Facebook. I told her to make sure her roommate is on speed dial so Beth can come and kick their butts if Shan gets into trouble.

    I'm skeptical, but for the handful of people I know who have tried it, it's mostly worked.
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    I tried a couple sites and never had any luck. Seems as if everyone I was interested in was waiting for Brad Pitt or Bono to call em up. The few that were interested in me were looking for a daddy to their 5 kids. I gave up. I'm destined to die a lonely bitter old man surrounded by guns and my Corgi....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pami View Post
    Lars & I met on a MUD and have been happily married for almost 9 years.
    Awesome - a fellow online success story!

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    I've been on a few..

    One, I ended up marrying, she went back to her ex while I was on active duty, spent all my hard earned money putting me a few grand in the hole.. all in all I waisted 7 years of my life with her and we just recently divorced.

    Another woman wanted me to be the father of her two sons and wanted to move in with me 20 minutes after we met... We didn't even get our appetizer yet!

    And the last one turned out to be a stalker calling me at all hours of the night.

    The funny thing is I'm still trying

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    Wife and I met in an aol chatroom that had weekly offline parties at a local bar. Been together since July 01 married in 03, still tickin each other off and loving

    Most of the others were just doing the parking lot hook-ups, cheating or desperation. Don't know if any others from the old group stuck together since most were dramas waiting for the train wreck.
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    I met my husband online. He asked me to drive to Chicago with him for a concert he was throwing. He sent me a picture with a title that said "Just so you know I'm not a psycho", needless to say the picture made him look a little "rough". Being young and dumb, I sent him my address and told him to pick me up. I was 17, he was 27. The concert never happened as the police broke it up and the land owner backed on an hour before hand. We spent 4 days in Chicago and had the time of our lives. Been together ever since. Split up once for a month 5 years back. Hitting our 9 year mark in June and our 2 year wedding anniversary in August. Couldn't be happier with where we are.

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    OK Cupid's nice enough-- it's free & well-organized.

    Hey-- why not add another section to INGO? ' )

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    Try a church singles group. Just an idea. I have dated a few times from online as well. I cant say I met all weirdos but I will just say they wernt my type. I also think timing is everything. Some are still buried or living in the past with a bad taste in their mouth. Stay away from those. They are takers and not givers. It really is hard to meet a good or nice guy or lady especially with no baggae sort of speak. The older one gets the harder it is too. If I had the good luck it takes I would be married by now also. All I can say is keep looking but dont settle for what you really dont want.
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