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Thread: Memorial Day Pics of Pearl Harbor

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    Memorial Day Pics of Pearl Harbor

    I was stationed in Hawaii, on the Island of Kauai. Approximately 92 miles West of Oahu. The first time I went to Oahu, I had to do the one thing I always wanted to do. Go to Pearl Harbor. I have been to Arlington Cemetery, the Vietnam War Memorial, and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Unfortunately I was a lot younger then, and did not have a camera. Not for sure if Mom even has any pics. The one thing that got me the most. Was when they played taps during the changing of the guard. Taps gets me every time, even when I was in basic.

    Back to Pearl Harbor. I know most know the story. On December 7th 1941, a sad day in our history. The Navy of the Empire of Japan deliberately, and cowardly attacked Pearl Harbor. It was a Sunday. Some Sailors and Marines where working, and some just relaxing. Not knowing what would happen that day. Radar picked up something up. They thought it was a squadron of B17's scheduled to land at Pearl Harbor. Instead of the was the Japanese fleet, bent on whipping out Pearl Harbor. The top brass thought they would be ok. They had sub nets in place, and they said it was to shallow to use torpedo's. Well Japan had other Ideas. They made fins out of wood. Which would allow the torpedo's to function in the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor. Also they grouped all Army fighters close together, saying it would be easier to protect them. When in reality it just made easy targets for the Japanese fighters, and dive bombers. Our tour guide told us that there was supposed to be three attack runs initially. However they called off the third wave. It's a good thing, because they where not able to hit our fuel supplies and equipment for rebuilding the fleet.

    A total of 2,403 people lost their lives that day. That being 68 civilians, and 2,335 Sailors and Marines. Pearl Harbor is a very emotional place. One of pride, and sadness! For me it was an Honor to be able to be at the resting place, of so many brave Men that day. So in the honor of Memorial Day, for the brave Men who lost their lives that day. For the grieving Grandparents, Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, and Ship Mates. A sincere thank you , may you be in a better place. May God hold and comfort you. You are a hero in my eyes. Now for some pictures.

    Front of the Arizona Memorial.

    Old Faithful flying over the Arizona Memorial!

    The USS Missouri battleship, the ship that the Japanese signed their surrender. I did not know that the tour of the Missouri, was not included in the tour. I really wanted to go aboard.

    Military branch, and National flags.

    The Arizona Memorial from a distance, on the boat ride out!

    Another picture of Old Faithful, flying over the Arizona Memorial.

    Top of the Arizona, oil is still leaking. They call it the tears of the Arizona!

    The wall, the names of 2,335 Marines and Sailors. Who lost their lives on that tragic day. God bless them all, and rest in peace Brothers . You are gone from this Earth, but far from forgotten. You are hero's to us all.

    Me standing in front of the Military branch, and National flags.

    I know I only touched one event of WWII. Please take time to remember all our fallen, those serving now, and those who served. Take a moment of silence, to remember them. They are what makes this Country great. The colors of our flag! Red, white, and blue will never run. They will never fade. They will always stand for freedom, hope, justice, and the sign of patriotism. No matter what happens, or what our Government does. I will always be proud to be a: God fearing, gun owning, right wing, blue coller, Veteran, Patriot, and true blooded American. Also thank you to those who did not serve, but who are still Patriots. Who love this country, and believe in the flag and the Constitution. Thank you all for standing up for what's right and just. May God bless you, and your famlies .

    "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I wont forget the Men who died, that gave that right to me. And I gladly stand up next you, and defend her still today. There ain't no doubt, I love this land. God bless the U.S.A. My favorite patriotic song, next to the National Anthem and Taps.

    Fair winds, and following seas my Brothers and Sisters. Rest in peace, and God bless you!

    "Semper Paratus"

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    i still regret not going to oahu. i went to maui for my honeymoon and wanted to go to pearl harbor in the one day left that we had time but the wife did not want to. seeing as it was our honeymoon, i didnt want to start any fights that early in the marriage.

    there is still hope. she liked hawaii quite a bit and im sure we will go back. it might be a few years, but im sure it will happen.
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    In my Travels I've been on every battleship memorial except the Missouri. I think they are really cool. I also think that it should be free for all US citizens to go on b/c our taxes paid for them. Whenever I go to the USAF Museum at Wright Pat I leave money in the box but it is voluntary. I'm a Veteran and am proud of my service and all my brothers in arms serving past and present. Nice pics.

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    All Gave some!! Some Gave All!! thank you and God bless all our men & women in the service!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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    I have some of the same pictures! My wife and I went to Kauai on our honeymoon, and spent a day on the way to Kauai in Ohau. Of course Pearl Harbor was a must.

    We both very much enjoyed visiting, and are very glad we did. Words cannot explain the emotion that comes over a person when they visit. I distinctly remember the very heavy grease smell coming from the Arizona as well, as the oil seaped to the surface.

    My favorite picture from my time there was from the Memorial with the Mighty MO in the background. To be able to see two great warships that are now less than a few hundred yards apart was literally a once in a lifetime experience. One, the Arizona, was the start of the war for the US. The second, the Missouri, was the end of the war in the Pacific, and the end of WWII for the US.

    You need to schedule a return visit to tour the Missouri...and spend the extra $$$ to get the upgraded tour below decks...very cool and very much worth it!

    Thank you for your service as well. I'm guessing being stationed in Kauai wasn't all that bad, was it?

    I'll have to tell you about the time my wife and I took a wrong turn trying to find a secret beach up near the "restricted" part of the island near where the main road ends. You probably know the area I'm talking about
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    awesome post! i have Pearl Harbor on my list of things to see some day. I've been to Arlington and it was amazing. I've seen pictures of it but its not the same. Every proud US citizen has to visit there, and every proud US citizen must never forget why we have Memorial Day.

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    Your pics brought back a rush of memories. I lived on Oahu for 2 1/2 years courtisey of the U.S.NAVY. Barbers Point Navel air station. Flying in P-3's you are reminded of the sacrifices other men made everytime you takeoff and land. Thank you.

    Remember them all because ALL is what they gave.
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    Awesome pics. Thank you for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzard pickins View Post
    Your pics brought back a rush of memories. I lived on Ohau for 2 1/2 years courtisey of the U.S.NAVY. Barbers Point Navel air station. Flying in P-3's you are reminded of the sacrifices other men made everytime you takeoff and land. Thank you.

    Remember them all because ALL is what they gave.

    my uncle was there for a while back in the 80's navigating P-3's.
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    Nice pics Patriot. You already know how emotional and how much this means to me. Thanks for posting and more so thanks for your patriotism. Again Patriot that pic of the Flag sure does bring tears to my eyes. It is such a vivid picture and besides our Flag is so beautiful.
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