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Thread: The terminator is a sissy compared to these real life guys!

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    The terminator is a sissy compared to these real life guys!

    (Please don't tell Arnold that I said that.)
    Happy Memorial day to all. Hope we can all take the day to remember that "Freedom ain't free."

    6 Soldiers Who Survived **** That Would Kill a Terminator |

    OOPS! Forgot to add, not for the sensitive ears. This has the F-bomb through out.
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    Originally Posted by Scutter01
    We don't generally like to recommend murder and arson to solve marital problems.

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    That was a fun read!
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    wow good

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemachine46147 View Post
    That was a fun read!

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    Some awesome stories! And, yes, a fun read. The author has a style that is certainly very unique!
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