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Thread: Colored Bacon

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    Colored Bacon

    While an interesting idea, I think I'll stick with the regular stuff.

    Colored Bacon|Bacon Today

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    Not the first time Ive seen green bacon. I didnt eat it.

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    Looks neat, but not interested in ingesting massive amounts of food coloring. Wonder how much that amount of food coloring alters the taste?


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    Sharpshooter Sureshot129's Avatar

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    I'm sticking with the regular color bacon as well if it anit broke don't fix it!

    You CAN NOT inprove on bacon.

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    Dat's Just NASTY!!!!

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    The natural hue of bacon should not be trifled with.

    Those colors are an abomination.

    (A tasty, tasty abomination.)

    Say no to drugs. Say yes to bacon!

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