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    Another today at the Kroger at Emerson and Thompson. This one OWB, plastic holster of some sort. Couldn't make out the gun. OC'd, then he covered with his hoodie while in the self-checkout
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    A couple of days ago Monticello Kroger, not sure what kind Tan frame OWB appendix or perhaps a bit more towards the front carry in what looked like an uncle mikes but didn't get that good of a look.

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    Meijer in Carmel. 3:30ish. Bigger guy in a purple T-shirt carrying a M&P IWB.

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    I forgot to post...

    A customer @ USDS last week was walking around in store with a G19x. Appendix carry. No holster.

    Not my preferred carry method by far & it gave me the heebie geebies. I wonder what'll happen 1st? Loose it out of his pants and ding up that pretty FDE finish or shoot himself in the beef torpedo?

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    Today at Meijer @ 56th & Keystone in Indy. Saw a black guy walking into the store carrying what also looked to be a Glock 19x in a front pants pocket and didn't look like he was using any kind of holster. The grip was sticking way out of his pocket.
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    sunday afternoon at pizza hut
    1 nicely dressed gentleman IWB at cash register
    1 casually dressed fella OWB at the buffet
    monday afternoon at taco bell
    1 gent in work clothes OWB glock
    i know , my diet needs work .......

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    Fort Wayne's Lima Road Meijer.

    The gentleman had a compact Glock in a hard plastic holster.

    I told him, "Nice sidearm" while nodding my head down to my open XD.
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    Saw another doofus carrying what looked to be a Glock in a super cheap leather thumbreak holster...flopping around on his left hip. "Held up" with an inadequate belt.

    Greenwood Meijer. 5/19/19.
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    A guy in Wal-Mart wearing an xd service size in a cheap owb nylon holster with the gun stylishly tactically canted about 30 degrees due to his belt being loose and shorts sagging some also had nice Nike flip flops on.

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    I saw someone Mexican carry an XD yesterday on a motorcycle.

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